Is LotteryMaster a Scam?

Is LotteryMaster worthy of your lotto cash?

is lotterymaster a scam

Online Lottery Sign Up

Online Lottery Sign Up

Lottery Master is a lottery ticket sales agent buying lottery tickets from around the world on your behalf. The website is pretty straightforward and it is not difficult to find information on the site. Registration is also easy and quick. It just requires your name, phone number and email address. The service also clearly mentions the ‘Terms & Conditions’. They properly set out legal responsibilities for both you, as well as the company.

How Does Lottery Master Work?

LotteryMaster has agents around the world to purchase lottery tickets on your behalf. You just need to pick a lottery, choose the numbers and your ticket will be purchased, scanned and sent to your mailbox. If you are lucky enough to win, the money will be collected and placed into your LotteryMaster account. The company then sends you an email and SMS notification of the winnings. If you manage to scoop a jackpot, the company arranges to give you the ticket and makes sure you personally claim the top prize.

In order to access a game, you need to click on ‘Play’. It is clearly visible at the top of the screen. A window opens up and lists all the games available, countdown clock for next draw, Jackpot amount and other information. You can choose from many different games on the website. It is worth mentioning that the company does not have any agents in Canada. However, the service offers some special seasonal draws. One major drawback of the company is its high fee. In some cases, it can be over 200%. But LotteryMaster also offers some discounts to cut the prices.

Getting Your Money

LotteryMaster claims to transfer the money to the personal account after deducting the fees. The fee is based on your location, and ranges between $2.50 for Australia, South America & Europe, $10 for Asia and Canada, and $50 for USA, Africa and Central America. According to the company, it takes 3-10 working days to transfer the money. You can also get a 5% bonus, which can be used to play lottery games. However, you can’t cash out the bonus.

Customer Support

When you visit the website, you will notice a customer support page. It has a detailed FAQ list. The service also offers Live Chat but most users find it difficult to reach customer care executives via this medium. You can also use the ‘Dictionary’ on the website to help understand all lottery terminology.


If you check out some Lottery Master reviews on the Internet, you would not find a lot of complaints. The functioning of the company is straightforward. The only complaint people have is regarding the high fees.

What do I think of Lottery Master?

Plus Points:

● Clean and Easy to Understand Interface
● Clear Instructions
● Easy to Find Info

Negative Points:

● Free Promotions Look Fake
● VIP Points and Bonuses Only Generate More Traffic for the Company
● Expensive


Powerball - Play Now!Lottery Master is definitely a real site offering a pretty decent service for users interested in lottery games. However, you may be sceptical about the high fees of using their service. If you’re interested in playing lottery games, this is just one of the many options available to you. That said, there are far better lottery ticket websites available nowadays with fees far lower than LotteryMaster. What’s more, the number of complaints from people who have used their service seems to be growing fast!