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He Became One of the Winner Stories That He Liked to Read

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When you play lottery, you have to find ways to keep yourself motivated. Lotteries test your patience a lot because it can take several years before you win anything. However, if it is your lucky day, you might win big with your first ticket. The incidents of people winning on their first ticket are not that common though. As a result, you have to have some patience when you start participating in lotteries. However, you have to find a way to keep yourself motivated to keep playing. Today’s story is about a person who liked to read winner stories to stay motivated until he became one of those stories himself.

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Let’s hear this amazing story from the person himself.

I Always Admired My Organization



When you are a student, one of the biggest challenges for you is self-assessment and self-awareness. Questions about your personality are often the most difficult questions to answer in that age because you don’t know much about yourself. However, I was always one of the rare teens who are very organized with their thoughts, personalities, and the way they live. If you come and visit me today, you will find everything in place in my room. I had everything in place. I knew what my career was going to be and the time I was going to take to enter my practical life.

One of the habits that I had picked from my father was to participate in lotteries. When you meet me, you won’t think that I am a person who believes in luck. However, I can assure you that I believe in luck like you believe in sun, moon or anything else that you can see with your eyes. I always participated in UK 49s actively and purchased tickets as regularly as I could. Now, I knew that participating in lotteries was not as easy as it seems to people. Yes, the process is simple i.e. you have to mark some numbers and see if they match with the drawn numbers.

Things start to become difficult when it comes to your mental condition. Not winning anything for several years can be hugely disappointing. More important, it is nearly impossible to keep your passion and hopes alive when you have played a lottery for several years and returned with nothing every time. However, I believed in my luck and knew that I was going to get lucky someday. So, I kept on purchasing UK 49s tickets regularly. I had one unique way of keeping myself motivated.

I Loved Reading the Winner Stories

As I said earlier, I was always the organized person. So, when I started feeling disappointment of not winning the lottery taking over me, I found a solution to keep myself motivated. This solution was to read the winner stories whenever I can. I did not have to read UK 49s winner stories in specific. If you go on the internet, you will thousands of stories from around the world because there are thousands of lotteries being played in various countries of the world every day. So, I always spent some time online reading the stories of the winners.

These stories were always interesting. What motivated me the most were the stories of the people who had to wait for several years before winning. I loved it when they talked about how everyone around them was always stopping them from purchasing lottery tickets and called them fools. Imagine how you would feel if your entire social circle was telling you to stop participating in lotteries and you did not stop, and you won a big prize one day? Believe it or not, there are quite a few stories in which the person had to defy not only the odds of winning but the people around him/her who were always telling him/her to not play lotteries.

And Then I Became a Winner Story Myself

After participating in UK 49s for a year straight, I was finally able to hit it big one day. Just like any person would do, I used to pick all five numbers and kept on changing my stake. I used to change the stake on my lottery bet based on how I was feeling on that day. When I felt lucky, I would make my stake £2. On the other hand, my stake was only £1 when I did not feel that lucky. It was an amazing day because I had my stake at £2 and I matched all the five numbers I had picked. You will be surprised to know that these numbers were randomly generated by a computer. None of the numbers was associated with my life in any way.

However, the amount I won from the lottery was way more than £100,000. Making the same amount through an investment is not that amazing because when you invest your money you get the return slowly. On the other hand, this winning amount came to me in a lump sum format. I could not make myself believe that it was really happening. Did I just win more than £100,000? Was my life going to change completely? I did not become a millionaire but in my world, you don’t need a million to change your life. Anything in six figures is enough for me to make my life exactly how I want it to be.

You Should Read Winner Stories Too

I am happy to know that you are reading about me in winner stories today. It gives me an unusual feeling that I am one of the stories that I used to read to keep myself motivated. I am glad that my story can serve as a motivating factor for someone in the world. In the end, I would like to advise you to read winner stories as well. They are the best things that can happen to you when you are completely disappointed from your lottery results and do not want to continue anymore. When you know there are people in the world who won the lottery in much more difficult circumstances than yours, you will be motivated to participate again.