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10-Capital Bitcoin Raffle Promotion



10-Capital is a popular Forex and Cryptocurrency brokerage that is offering expert online trading services to investors from around the globe (since 2009) with traders successfully making profits on the 10-Capital trading platform on a daily basis. Keep on reading to learn more about the new Bitcoin raffle promotion!

Each month 10-Capital will randomly choose 1 trader from the previous months new depositors and give him or her 1 Bitcoin for FREE.

10-Capital Raffle

10-Capital is now having a special promotion for new traders! All new depositors get to have a chance of winning 1 BTC (worth over $3,500) in the monthly Bitcoin raffle for new depositing traders.

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How To Join?

Visit the 10-Capital website at and sign up for a new trading account. After signing up deposit the minimum amount for trading with 10-Capital which is currently 250 EUR and you are automatically added into the next raffle with a grab at winning 1 Bitcoin. Each month 10-Capital will randomly choose 1 trader from the previous months new depositors and give him or her 1 Bitcoin for FREE.

When opening an account with 10-Capital  and depositing money to trade with by bank transfer, credit card you can start trading immediately after your funds enter the broker account and get to not only enjoy the expert trading experience but more importantly you can make large profits on a daily basis by trading cryptocurrencies, forex and over 300 different assets on the wonderful 10-Capital trading platform.

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Lottery Ticket Now

He Became One of the Winner Stories That He Liked to Read

UK49s Winner Tells His Story

When you play lottery, you have to find ways to keep yourself motivated. Lotteries test your patience a lot because it can take several years before you win anything. However, if it is your lucky day, you might win big with your first ticket. The incidents of people winning on their first ticket are not that common though. As a result, you have to have some patience when you start participating in lotteries. However, you have to find a way to keep yourself motivated to keep playing. Today’s story is about a person who liked to read winner stories to stay motivated until he became one of those stories himself.

UK 49 Evening Result

Let’s hear this amazing story from the person himself.

I Always Admired My Organization



When you are a student, one of the biggest challenges for you is self-assessment and self-awareness. Questions about your personality are often the most difficult questions to answer in that age because you don’t know much about yourself. However, I was always one of the rare teens who are very organized with their thoughts, personalities, and the way they live. If you come and visit me today, you will find everything in place in my room. I had everything in place. I knew what my career was going to be and the time I was going to take to enter my practical life.

One of the habits that I had picked from my father was to participate in lotteries. When you meet me, you won’t think that I am a person who believes in luck. However, I can assure you that I believe in luck like you believe in sun, moon or anything else that you can see with your eyes. I always participated in UK 49s actively and purchased tickets as regularly as I could. Now, I knew that participating in lotteries was not as easy as it seems to people. Yes, the process is simple i.e. you have to mark some numbers and see if they match with the drawn numbers.

Things start to become difficult when it comes to your mental condition. Not winning anything for several years can be hugely disappointing. More important, it is nearly impossible to keep your passion and hopes alive when you have played a lottery for several years and returned with nothing every time. However, I believed in my luck and knew that I was going to get lucky someday. So, I kept on purchasing UK 49s tickets regularly. I had one unique way of keeping myself motivated.

I Loved Reading the Winner Stories

As I said earlier, I was always the organized person. So, when I started feeling disappointment of not winning the lottery taking over me, I found a solution to keep myself motivated. This solution was to read the winner stories whenever I can. I did not have to read UK 49s winner stories in specific. If you go on the internet, you will thousands of stories from around the world because there are thousands of lotteries being played in various countries of the world every day. So, I always spent some time online reading the stories of the winners.

These stories were always interesting. What motivated me the most were the stories of the people who had to wait for several years before winning. I loved it when they talked about how everyone around them was always stopping them from purchasing lottery tickets and called them fools. Imagine how you would feel if your entire social circle was telling you to stop participating in lotteries and you did not stop, and you won a big prize one day? Believe it or not, there are quite a few stories in which the person had to defy not only the odds of winning but the people around him/her who were always telling him/her to not play lotteries.

And Then I Became a Winner Story Myself

After participating in UK 49s for a year straight, I was finally able to hit it big one day. Just like any person would do, I used to pick all five numbers and kept on changing my stake. I used to change the stake on my lottery bet based on how I was feeling on that day. When I felt lucky, I would make my stake £2. On the other hand, my stake was only £1 when I did not feel that lucky. It was an amazing day because I had my stake at £2 and I matched all the five numbers I had picked. You will be surprised to know that these numbers were randomly generated by a computer. None of the numbers was associated with my life in any way.

However, the amount I won from the lottery was way more than £100,000. Making the same amount through an investment is not that amazing because when you invest your money you get the return slowly. On the other hand, this winning amount came to me in a lump sum format. I could not make myself believe that it was really happening. Did I just win more than £100,000? Was my life going to change completely? I did not become a millionaire but in my world, you don’t need a million to change your life. Anything in six figures is enough for me to make my life exactly how I want it to be.

You Should Read Winner Stories Too

I am happy to know that you are reading about me in winner stories today. It gives me an unusual feeling that I am one of the stories that I used to read to keep myself motivated. I am glad that my story can serve as a motivating factor for someone in the world. In the end, I would like to advise you to read winner stories as well. They are the best things that can happen to you when you are completely disappointed from your lottery results and do not want to continue anymore. When you know there are people in the world who won the lottery in much more difficult circumstances than yours, you will be motivated to participate again.

Play SuperEnalotto Online

Buy SuperEnalotto Tickets Online in India

The SuperEnalotto Lottery

Play SuperEnalotto Online

Play SuperEnalotto Online

The most popular national lottery game played in Italy is SuperEnalotto and it approximately a million people participate in it on a weekly basis. An Enalotto game had been played in the country from the 1950s, but the launch of the SuperEnalotto in December 1997 led to its end. One of the primary reasons why there is a high number of participants is because it has record-breaking jackpots because there is absolutely no cap to the amount that the jackpot can roll over.

Back in October 2010, a syndicate scooped up a whopping jackpot of €177.7 million. However, it is also true that the game also has the lowest odds of winning. Nonetheless, its huge jackpots are not only a lure for Italian lottery players, but have also become tempting to those outside the country. Thanks to the widespread use of the internet, it is now possible for people to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot from any part of the world.

Knowing the SuperEnalotto Rules

In order to play the SuperEnalotto, players have to choose a number between 1 and 90 every time they want to make an entry. The price of every SuperEnalotto line is €1 and you can only win the jackpot if you are able to match all the six main numbers. If the winning numbers are not matched by any player, it is routine for the jackpot to be rolled over for the next draw. Since there is a large pool of numbers from which players have to choose in order to take home the big prize, SuperEnalotto jackpots roll over quite frequently because there is no cap. This is how the lottery is able to offer such large prizes.

But, just because you didn’t pull out the six main number doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have a reward. Players have the opportunity of scooping substantial cash rewards if they are able to match two numbers or more in the game. There is also the option of claiming an instant prize from the time you purchase the ticket. It starts at €25. 8.4 percent of the prize pool of all draws is taken to give out these fun rewards to the players. The SuperStar option can also be added by players if they wish to boost their prizes from the primary game. This is drawn from a different machine and gives you various extra ways to win. The draws of the SuperEnalotto lottery take place on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturday.

Guide for Playing the SuperEnalotto Lottery

The odds of winning this lottery are tough because of the huge jackpot, but there are some pointers and tips that can aid you in playing the SuperEnalotto and may just help you win. What are they? Read on to find out:

When you are selecting your Italian lottery numbers, it is recommended that you opt for an even mix of odd and even numbers. It is very rare for all even or odd numbers to be drawn and only happens in four percent cases. The ideal mix would be to opt for 3 even 3 odd, 2 even four odd or four even and 2 odd numbers. One of these patterns occurs in 84 percent of the lottery drawings.

It is vital to remember that winning numbers can be from any part of the number field. Cutting a number field in half gives you a high and low half. The SuperEnalotto game is of 90-numbers so numbers between 1 and 45 will be the low half and the rest is the high half. Again, it is only in rare cases that all low and high numbers are drawn. The best mix of numbers is 3 high 3 low, 2 high and 4 low or 4 high and 2 low as this pattern is seen in 79 percent of the drawings.

Make a list of the past numbers that have won the SuperEnalotto draw. In most cases, some number groups are not represented. Studying these number groups and tracking them also shows you the ones to focus on and the ones to avoid when selecting your own numbers.

On average, in the SuperEnalotto game, one lottery number from the last drawing is repeated in 46 percent of the cases. So, you study the numbers and make your choice.

Half of the winning numbers are those that have been missing in at least five games or less. 76 percent of winning numbers in the SuperEnalotto are those that weren’t drawn in at least ten games or less. This shows that hot numbers have a greater chance of being drawn, but one long shot should always be included in the six chosen numbers just in case.

Knowing when a cold number will finally be drawn is difficult. If you are playing a number because you think it is finally due to be drawn, you could be playing it for a long time. For instance, the number 45 was drawn in the SuperEnalotto lottery after 100 games. Nevertheless, if a number has been out for about 70 games, it might be worth chasing.

List the winning numbers of the previous 5 games and count the games they skipped after their last hit. Also count the number of times the skip happened. If no skip has occurred, choose the numbers that were out in many games.

How Can I Win the SuperEnalotto?

The pointers highlighted above can go a long way in improving your odds of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot. Other than that, you should also play the SuperEnalotto ‘Jolly’ number, which allows you to win an amount that’s much higher than what you have already won and also gives you an additional chance of winning. For instance, if you have already won a specific amount by matching five numbers drawn, adding the Jolly number will increase your winnings significantly. Playing the SuperEnalotto Star number also increases your chance of matching the numbers and taking home a bigger reward. Also, opt for six numbers that have a sum falling between 208 and 338 because those numbers have won the jackpot in 70% of the cases.

SuperEnalotto Payouts

The SuperEnalotto game has a total of six prize divisions and their winning combination as well as the odds of winning are outlined below:

Winning Combination: Match 6 numbers Odds of Winning: 1 in 622,614,630
Winning Combination: Match 5 numbers + Jolly Number Odds of Winning: 1 in 103,769,105
Winning Combination: Match 5 numbers Odds of Winning: 1 in 1,250, 230
Winning Combination: Match 4 numbers Odds of Winning: 1 in 11,907
Winning Combination: Match 3 numbers Odds of Winning: 1 in 327
Winning Combination: Match 2 numbers Odds of Winning: 1 in 22

The overall odds of winning in any tier are about 1 in 20 and players have the option of getting instant prizes when they buy the tickets.

Second Tier Prizes

Apart from the main prizes in the SuperEnalotto lottery, players also have the chance to win some additional second tier prizes via the SuperStar side-game. In order to participate in this game, you have to participate in the SuperEnalotto like usual and choose a SuperStar number between 1 and 100 for an additional fee. If you are able to match the SuperStar along with any of the six winning combinations in the SuperEnalotto, or even match some or all of the numbers, you will benefit from an increase in prize. In some cases, it is multiplied by 100. Even if you don’t win the main game, you can still get a prize if your SuperStar number is drawn. The prizes are listed as follows:

Match 6 + SuperStar: SuperEnalotto jackpot plus €2 million
Match 5+ Jolly Number + SuperStar: Second tier SuperEnalotto prize plus €1 million
Match 5+ SuperStar: 25x the SuperEnalotto Match 5 prize
Match 4+ SuperStar: 100x the SuperEnalotto Match 4 prize
Match 3 + SuperStar: 100x the SuperEnalotto Match 3 prize
Match 2 + SuperStar: €100
Match 1 + SuperStar: €10
Match SuperStar: €5

History of the SuperEnalotto

Enalotto had been played in Italy since the 1950s, but the country’s lottery operator, SISAL, decided to change it to SuperEnalotto on the 3rd of December, 1997. It is held three days a week at 8 p.m., but in case it falls on a public holiday, it is scheduled for the next possible day. Originally, each winning number of SuperEnalotto game was taken from the first winning number that was drawn in the six regional lottery games.

As far as the seventh number was concerned, it was chosen from the Venetian lottery game and was used as the Jolly Ball. Rome’s Ruota Nazionale draw was used for selecting the SuperStar number. But, the game was changed in July 2009 and now all six numbers are generated independently.

Buy SuperEnalotto Tickets Online

Previously, only people living in Italy could play the SuperEnalotto lottery because the tickets to this game had to be purchased from authorized dealers in the country. But, the internet has opened up new avenues. Now, you can take part in the SuperEnalotto online from any area of the globe. You just have to choose your numbers and pay for the entries with an online lottery agent like Lottosend and once this is done, a locally-based agent will get the entry on your behalf and send you scanned copies. You can then check the tickets against the official results and if you win, the amount is paid into your account automatically.

Online SuperEnalotto Syndicate

One of the best ways of increasing your odds of winning the SuperEnalotto is by joining an online syndicate. This is basically a group of people who pool in their money for buying a large number of tickets; the prize is split between everyone as per their contribution or equally, depending on the rules of the syndicate. If your friends, family or coworkers don’t want to form a syndicate, you can join an online SuperEnalotto syndicate easily as there are numerous options available. You just need to make an online account, pay via your debit or credit card and receive your winnings in your online wallet after a draw.

Learn more: Top Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

TheLotter Review by Lottery Ticket Now

TheLotter Review

TheLotter Review by Lottery Ticket Now

TheLotter Review by Lottery Ticket Now

Considering joining a TheLotter syndicate? Check out this review first…

Powerball - Play Now!

Powerball – Play Now!

TheLotter is a lottery syndicate company that was formed in 2010. They currently offer syndicates for the UK lotto, EuroMillions, Spanish Superdraws and the Italian Superenalotto. There is also a multi-game syndicate called Jackpot Power Play.

UK Lotto Syndicates

Each UK lotto syndicate is made up of 49 members who share 88 weekly entries into the Wednesday and Saturday draws. Because of the way in which the UK syndicates have been set up, one number is always guaranteed in every single draw. This means that each syndicate only needs to match 5 numbers, not the usual 6, to win the jackpot. The cost of joining a UK syndicate is £5 per week.

EuroMillions Syndicates

Each EuroMillions syndicate consists of 110 members who share 55 entries into the Tuesday draw and 55 entries into the Friday draw. Owing to the way in which the Euro syndicates have been designed, every permutation of the Lucky Star numbers is catered for in each draw meaning that each syndicate only needs to match the 5 main numbers to secure the jackpot. Only one number is needed to win a cash prize. The cost of joining a EuroMillions syndicate is £7.50 per week.

Spanish Superdraw Syndicates

The monthly Spanish Superdraws offer incredible prize funds that range from €84 million right up to €2.52 Billion. Each 50 member syndicate shares 10 Décimo Tickets worth €200 in each draw. Each syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize in the Christmas ‘El Gordo’ draw and 3 cash prizes in each of the other 11 draws throughout the year. The cost of joining a Spanish Superdraw syndicate is £20 per draw.

Italian Superenalotto Syndicates

The Superenalotto is Italy’s biggest lottery game with a record jackpot of €177.8 Million. Each 85 member Superenalotto syndicate shares 85 entries into each of the 3 weekly draws. A syndicate needs to match 2 main numbers to win a cash prize. The cost of joining a Superenalotto syndicate is £6 per week.

Jackpot Power Play Syndicates

With Jackpot Power Play TheLotter has combined 4 massive lottery draws to create a huge “Jackpot Game”. Each 210 member syndicate receives 270 entries into 9 draws each week. Every week each syndicate receives the following draw entries:

  • 2 EuroMillions draws – 60 entries
  • 2 UK Lotto draws – 60 entries
  • 3 SuperEnalotto draws – 90 entries
  • 2 Millionaire Raffle draws – 60 entries

The cost of joining a Jackpot Power Play syndicate is £5 per week.

Choosing Your Numbers

With TheLotter you haven’t got the option to select your favourite set of numbers as you would if you bought a ticket from your local lottery retailer. However, in the UK lotto, EuroMillions and Superenalotto syndicates you can select a set of numbers from a range of number sets made available to you. The Spanish Superdraws are more of a raffle type affair and each ticket comes with its own specific number printed on it. Therefore choosing your numbers in this draw is not an option. Jackpot Power Play syndicates also do not have a number selection option.

Who Can Join?

Lottery players from most countries can join If your country is not listed when you register online then you are unable to join. For example, American citizens are unable to join due to strict online gaming regulations in the USA.

How To Play?

Powerball - Play Now!

Powerball – Play Now!

You simply choose the syndicate of your choice, proceed through the simple online registration and then make your payment using a credit/debit card or Moneybookers. Your syndicate numbers are automatically checked following each draw and any winnings are paid into your online e-wallet. You can withdraw your winnings at any time and these are paid out by either a cheque or via Moneybookers.

What Do I Think of TheLotter?

Plus Points:

  •  Site is easy to understand and playing options are very clear.
  • Set and forget syndicate play – Everything is done for you.
  • Fully licensed and regulated company.
  • Good number of syndicate options.
  • Customer support available by telephone and email.

Negative Points:

  •  Large syndicate sizes meaning low individual payout potential.


In my opinion this syndicate system is definitely up there with the best available today and should be considered. lotteries information page screenshot - LottoHoy Review

LottoHoy Review – Play Lotteries Online With lotteries information page screenshot - LottoHoy Review lotteries information page screenshot – LottoHoy Review

LottoHoy - Play Now!

LottoHoy – Play Now!

If you want to play the various lotteries in Europe, America or Australia, even if you do not live in the country that organizes that lottery, now through you can do it.

It is not essential that you travel to the United States to buy the PowerBall or the. Neither to buy the EuroMillions, or any of the lotteries that are played in Europe, it is essential that you reside in the country that organizes the lottery.

At the moment the following world lotteries are available:

  • PowerBall and MegaMillions.
  • EuroMillions and Eurojackpot.
  • La Primitiva, la Bonoloto y el Gordo.
  • The UK Lottery.
  • Polish Lotto.
  • Powerball AU, Oz Lotto, Mon / Wed Lotto and Saturday Lotto.

Many more lotteries will be added to the previous in order to make the offer much more attractive.

Security and confidence

All the clients, the old one and the players who come to the platform for the first time, can be sure and with full confidence that their personal and economic data will be perfectly guarded, since security is guaranteed in all telematic operations.

The platform is licensed by Curaçao 1668 / JAZ license, fact that guarantees that the company is fully compliant with all regulations.

Services offered by allows you to purchase lottery tickets from the comfort of your home and through any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

LottoHoy is an agent. They only sell official lottery tickets expedited by the official point of sale in the Country or State where the lottery is organized. These official point of sale are in charge of physically buying the lottery ticket and to keep them in custody to avoid losses or deterioration.

Price of the service and conditions of purchase

LottoHoy does not charge any commission or fee from the prizes won by players on the platform. This, together with the prices of the tickets (which are the tightest of the market) make this web the best option to play online.

Both, the occasional player and the regular customer with a user account, can play from a single column or line, to as many as they want, with no minimum purchase obligation unlike other platforms that require a minimum purchase of 3, 5 or 10 columns and/or even for two minimum draws.

When making individual purchases or making a deposit in the user account for future purchases, there are various payment methods available, like the traditional credit / debit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and others like Piastrix, entercash, ecoPayz, paysafecard, entropay, PayPal, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses, gifts and club V.I.P.

The biggest benefit of LottoHoy is to maintain reasonable prices, even below other competitor offers.

LottoHoy - Play Now!

LottoHoy – Play Now!

They also have a wide variety of promotions that are communicated in a personalized way to each of the users. Doing that each user can enjoy discounts or bonuses that perfectly suit their gaming habits.