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TheLotter Review by Lottery Ticket Now

TheLotter Review

TheLotter Review by Lottery Ticket Now

TheLotter Review by Lottery Ticket Now

Considering joining a TheLotter syndicate? Check out this review first…

Powerball - Play Now!

Powerball – Play Now!

TheLotter is a lottery syndicate company that was formed in 2010. They currently offer syndicates for the UK lotto, EuroMillions, Spanish Superdraws and the Italian Superenalotto. There is also a multi-game syndicate called Jackpot Power Play.

UK Lotto Syndicates

Each UK lotto syndicate is made up of 49 members who share 88 weekly entries into the Wednesday and Saturday draws. Because of the way in which the UK syndicates have been set up, one number is always guaranteed in every single draw. This means that each syndicate only needs to match 5 numbers, not the usual 6, to win the jackpot. The cost of joining a UK syndicate is £5 per week.

EuroMillions Syndicates

Each EuroMillions syndicate consists of 110 members who share 55 entries into the Tuesday draw and 55 entries into the Friday draw. Owing to the way in which the Euro syndicates have been designed, every permutation of the Lucky Star numbers is catered for in each draw meaning that each syndicate only needs to match the 5 main numbers to secure the jackpot. Only one number is needed to win a cash prize. The cost of joining a EuroMillions syndicate is £7.50 per week.

Spanish Superdraw Syndicates

The monthly Spanish Superdraws offer incredible prize funds that range from €84 million right up to €2.52 Billion. Each 50 member syndicate shares 10 Décimo Tickets worth €200 in each draw. Each syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize in the Christmas ‘El Gordo’ draw and 3 cash prizes in each of the other 11 draws throughout the year. The cost of joining a Spanish Superdraw syndicate is £20 per draw.

Italian Superenalotto Syndicates

The Superenalotto is Italy’s biggest lottery game with a record jackpot of €177.8 Million. Each 85 member Superenalotto syndicate shares 85 entries into each of the 3 weekly draws. A syndicate needs to match 2 main numbers to win a cash prize. The cost of joining a Superenalotto syndicate is £6 per week.

Jackpot Power Play Syndicates

With Jackpot Power Play TheLotter has combined 4 massive lottery draws to create a huge “Jackpot Game”. Each 210 member syndicate receives 270 entries into 9 draws each week. Every week each syndicate receives the following draw entries:

  • 2 EuroMillions draws – 60 entries
  • 2 UK Lotto draws – 60 entries
  • 3 SuperEnalotto draws – 90 entries
  • 2 Millionaire Raffle draws – 60 entries

The cost of joining a Jackpot Power Play syndicate is £5 per week.

Choosing Your Numbers

With TheLotter you haven’t got the option to select your favourite set of numbers as you would if you bought a ticket from your local lottery retailer. However, in the UK lotto, EuroMillions and Superenalotto syndicates you can select a set of numbers from a range of number sets made available to you. The Spanish Superdraws are more of a raffle type affair and each ticket comes with its own specific number printed on it. Therefore choosing your numbers in this draw is not an option. Jackpot Power Play syndicates also do not have a number selection option.

Who Can Join?

Lottery players from most countries can join If your country is not listed when you register online then you are unable to join. For example, American citizens are unable to join due to strict online gaming regulations in the USA.

How To Play?

Powerball - Play Now!

Powerball – Play Now!

You simply choose the syndicate of your choice, proceed through the simple online registration and then make your payment using a credit/debit card or Moneybookers. Your syndicate numbers are automatically checked following each draw and any winnings are paid into your online e-wallet. You can withdraw your winnings at any time and these are paid out by either a cheque or via Moneybookers.

What Do I Think of TheLotter?

Plus Points:

  •  Site is easy to understand and playing options are very clear.
  • Set and forget syndicate play – Everything is done for you.
  • Fully licensed and regulated company.
  • Good number of syndicate options.
  • Customer support available by telephone and email.

Negative Points:

  •  Large syndicate sizes meaning low individual payout potential.


In my opinion this syndicate system is definitely up there with the best available today and should be considered. lotteries information page screenshot - LottoHoy Review

LottoHoy Review – Play Lotteries Online With lotteries information page screenshot - LottoHoy Review lotteries information page screenshot – LottoHoy Review

LottoHoy - Play Now!

LottoHoy – Play Now!

If you want to play the various lotteries in Europe, America or Australia, even if you do not live in the country that organizes that lottery, now through you can do it.

It is not essential that you travel to the United States to buy the PowerBall or the. Neither to buy the EuroMillions, or any of the lotteries that are played in Europe, it is essential that you reside in the country that organizes the lottery.

At the moment the following world lotteries are available:

  • PowerBall and MegaMillions.
  • EuroMillions and Eurojackpot.
  • La Primitiva, la Bonoloto y el Gordo.
  • The UK Lottery.
  • Polish Lotto.
  • Powerball AU, Oz Lotto, Mon / Wed Lotto and Saturday Lotto.

Many more lotteries will be added to the previous in order to make the offer much more attractive.

Security and confidence

All the clients, the old one and the players who come to the platform for the first time, can be sure and with full confidence that their personal and economic data will be perfectly guarded, since security is guaranteed in all telematic operations.

The platform is licensed by Curaçao 1668 / JAZ license, fact that guarantees that the company is fully compliant with all regulations.

Services offered by allows you to purchase lottery tickets from the comfort of your home and through any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

LottoHoy is an agent. They only sell official lottery tickets expedited by the official point of sale in the Country or State where the lottery is organized. These official point of sale are in charge of physically buying the lottery ticket and to keep them in custody to avoid losses or deterioration.

Price of the service and conditions of purchase

LottoHoy does not charge any commission or fee from the prizes won by players on the platform. This, together with the prices of the tickets (which are the tightest of the market) make this web the best option to play online.

Both, the occasional player and the regular customer with a user account, can play from a single column or line, to as many as they want, with no minimum purchase obligation unlike other platforms that require a minimum purchase of 3, 5 or 10 columns and/or even for two minimum draws.

When making individual purchases or making a deposit in the user account for future purchases, there are various payment methods available, like the traditional credit / debit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and others like Piastrix, entercash, ecoPayz, paysafecard, entropay, PayPal, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses, gifts and club V.I.P.

The biggest benefit of LottoHoy is to maintain reasonable prices, even below other competitor offers.

LottoHoy - Play Now!

LottoHoy – Play Now!

They also have a wide variety of promotions that are communicated in a personalized way to each of the users. Doing that each user can enjoy discounts or bonuses that perfectly suit their gaming habits.

Lottery Ticket Now

The Lotter Promotions

Powerball - Play Now!

Powerball – Play Now!

When you register a lottery playing account with The Lotter not only are you joining one of the best lottery ticket retailers on the web, but you are also putting yourself in line for some very nice promotions.

Welcome Bonus

Upon joining The Lotter you will instantly have the opportunity to get involved in the Buy One Get One Free offer. All you need to do is buy a lottery ticket of your choosing and you will instantly have your account credited with bonus cash which you can then use to buy a second ticket giving you yet another chance to win. If you would like to increase your welcome bonus simply increase your initial purchase and include a multi-draw package instead of a single ticket.

Lottery VIP Club

As soon as you sign up with The Lotter you will start receiving VIP treatment as you enjoy the biggest lottery draws from around the world. As a VIP Club member you can save as much as 20% each month by playing in a wide variety of top lotteries, either by purchasing a single ticket, subscription or multi-draw. You will also be allocated a personal account manager who you can contact via telephone, email or via Live Chat. To find out more check out the The Lotter’s VIP Club page.


If you are a keen lottery player you may wish to buy a multi-draw package to guarantee that you never miss a draw. By taking this option you can save up to 25% on your favourite lottery games; the longer you choose to play, the more money you will actually save. Discounts start at 15% if you opt for the 5 draw package and increase to 25% if you select a 52 draw multi-draw package!


If you decide to take out a subscription service with The Lotter, every 10th ticket you purchase you will receive free of charge. You will also receive 25 VIP points immediately and because you will be playing via a subscription service, you will never miss a single draw.

Tell A Friend

If you introduce friends to The Lotter, you will receive $25 cash for each referral. What’s more, each of your registered friends will receive $12.50 in bonus money as part of this special offer also. Therefore, the more people that you introduce to the services of The Lotter, the more cash you will receive to spend on the amazing selection of big jackpot lottery games.

Powerball Prize Divisions

Do you enjoy playing the USA Powerball lottery and would like to find out exactly what the Powerball prize divisions are. Well, the payouts and odds on a $2 play are:

Matches Prize Prize With Power Play X2 Odds of winning
Powerball only $4 $8 approximately 1 in 38
1 number plus PB $4 $8 approximately 1 in 92
2 numbers plus PB $7 $14 approximately 1 in 700
3 numbers; no PB $7 $14 approximately 1 in 580
3 numbers plus PB $100 $200 approximately 1 in 14,500
4 numbers; no PB $100 $200 approximately 1 in 36,500
4 numbers plus PB $50,000 $100,000 approximately 1 in 910,000
5 numbers; no PB $1,000,000 $2,000,000 approximately 1 in 11.5 million
5 numbers plus PB Jackpot Power Play does not apply to jackpot approximately 1 in 290 million

If you have landed on this page and are new to the USA Powerball lottery, allow me to give you a brief introduction to this huge lotto game.

>> Play USA Powerball Online click here <<

Powerball - Play Now!

Powerball – Play Now!

Powerball is played in 43 US States and along with Mega Millions is one of the world’s two biggest jackpot lottery games. At the time of writing, the Powerball has created 6 of the 10 biggest jackpots in lottery history, the largest being $590.5 that was won on 18th May 2013 by Gloria McKenzie of Zephyrhills, Florida.

Powerball’s minimum jackpot is $40 million (annuity) but jackpots often dwarf this starting figure. Its annuity option is paid in 30 graduated installments. Players may also opt for a one time cash payout but this figure is considerably less than the annuitized jackpot figure.

If you are an American citizen and wish to play Powerball you can either buy your tickets from a lottery retailer in one of the participating member states or online from the offical Powerball website. If you are a non-US citizen and still wish to play Powerball, you can do so via a recognised lottery ticket retailer.

Good luck to you all in future Powerball games and I very much hope that your numbers land you in one of the nine Powerball prize divisions.

Is LotteryMaster a Scam?

Is LotteryMaster worthy of your lotto cash?

is lotterymaster a scam

Online Lottery Sign Up

Online Lottery Sign Up

Lottery Master is a lottery ticket sales agent buying lottery tickets from around the world on your behalf. The website is pretty straightforward and it is not difficult to find information on the site. Registration is also easy and quick. It just requires your name, phone number and email address. The service also clearly mentions the ‘Terms & Conditions’. They properly set out legal responsibilities for both you, as well as the company.

How Does Lottery Master Work?

LotteryMaster has agents around the world to purchase lottery tickets on your behalf. You just need to pick a lottery, choose the numbers and your ticket will be purchased, scanned and sent to your mailbox. If you are lucky enough to win, the money will be collected and placed into your LotteryMaster account. The company then sends you an email and SMS notification of the winnings. If you manage to scoop a jackpot, the company arranges to give you the ticket and makes sure you personally claim the top prize.

In order to access a game, you need to click on ‘Play’. It is clearly visible at the top of the screen. A window opens up and lists all the games available, countdown clock for next draw, Jackpot amount and other information. You can choose from many different games on the website. It is worth mentioning that the company does not have any agents in Canada. However, the service offers some special seasonal draws. One major drawback of the company is its high fee. In some cases, it can be over 200%. But LotteryMaster also offers some discounts to cut the prices.

Getting Your Money

LotteryMaster claims to transfer the money to the personal account after deducting the fees. The fee is based on your location, and ranges between $2.50 for Australia, South America & Europe, $10 for Asia and Canada, and $50 for USA, Africa and Central America. According to the company, it takes 3-10 working days to transfer the money. You can also get a 5% bonus, which can be used to play lottery games. However, you can’t cash out the bonus.

Customer Support

When you visit the website, you will notice a customer support page. It has a detailed FAQ list. The service also offers Live Chat but most users find it difficult to reach customer care executives via this medium. You can also use the ‘Dictionary’ on the website to help understand all lottery terminology.


If you check out some Lottery Master reviews on the Internet, you would not find a lot of complaints. The functioning of the company is straightforward. The only complaint people have is regarding the high fees.

What do I think of Lottery Master?

Plus Points:

● Clean and Easy to Understand Interface
● Clear Instructions
● Easy to Find Info

Negative Points:

● Free Promotions Look Fake
● VIP Points and Bonuses Only Generate More Traffic for the Company
● Expensive


Powerball - Play Now!Lottery Master is definitely a real site offering a pretty decent service for users interested in lottery games. However, you may be sceptical about the high fees of using their service. If you’re interested in playing lottery games, this is just one of the many options available to you. That said, there are far better lottery ticket websites available nowadays with fees far lower than LotteryMaster. What’s more, the number of complaints from people who have used their service seems to be growing fast!