The different methods to increase your chances of winning the lottery

Firstly, you must know that there is no magic formula to win the lottery. Luck is the main factor that enables you to win the jackpot. Right that sometimes the luck will be found and sometimes there is more intellect from luck.

However, there are some methods to improve your chances of winning  the lottery. To give luck or make your mind to take the jackpot.Some people use mathematical systems, Statistics, numbers are going in directions of Statistics and Probability (Realists more).

Others rely on their lucky numbers (birth date, etc…), These are people who take with them only the lucky way.

And in what way you think to choose?

However, there are some systems that will help you increase your chances of winning  the lottery such as playing in a syndicate: Team game you take your luck with some other people and share with them numbers and thereby increasing your chances of winning  the lottery

playing in a systematic fashion.: The numerical method You can choose more numbers lottery numbers and thus significantly increases your chances of winning the lottery  because you have more than a sequence of numbers (you can compare it to buy plenty of tickets)

Find these methods of playing in the “ Playing methods to increase your lottery winnings “

Statistical calculator: Here you can check your lucky numbers according to the results of 50 recent lotteries Lottery broke her play her method is statistically.

On thetoplotto site you can find companies that allow the above methods (systematic,syndicate), as well you are welcome to enter the calculator results here to check your lucky numbers.

Any way or method you choose, we wish you luck.

Recent UK 49s News

UK 49s began their games in the year 1994, with the purpose of giving each and every one of the players of this lotto the chance to win prizes that can change lives. Since then, the UK Lotto has been undergoing a series of changes in where we can mention the memorable changes in the amounts of their drawings where he has come to reward players with a jackpot of more than 1 million pounds, which are held every Wednesday of the week, we can also see the changes in the introduction of 10 balls more to the game.

Play UK49s Online
Play UK49s Online

A couple of years ago there were two players in the UK 49s that broke one of the country’s oldest record, which had more than 20 years without being beaten and came these two players who matched the jackpot which possessed a jackpot of more than 68 million pounds in where each player received 23 million.

How do you play UK 49s?

One of the things you have to do in order to play this game, is to choose 6 numbers in a matrix of numbers ranging from 1 to 59, if the numbers that you chose match 6 main numbers that appear in the drawing, then you will be crowned as the winner of the pot. If the day you decide to buy a lottery ticket from the UK and don’t know what numbers to choose, don’t worry because you have the option of the machine choose the numbers for you automatically using the system.

It is worth mentioning that the boat of the Recent UK 49s News vary. For example: in the draw to be held on Wednesday normally commence a prize of more than 2 million pounds and drawings that are made on Saturdays may begin with a prize pool of 3.9 million pounds or 4.2 million. So, if one or more participants are able to win the jackpot it will be divided in equal parts. But, if there is no jackpot winners that is dodging, then that money automatically goes to accumulate until the next drawing.

The money in the pot has a cap of 22 million pounds, but this rule is almost always is modified by the relevant authorities. Once you reach this ceiling, this boat will remain only a lot more until someone I managed to win, but if there is still no sound, then this prize is shared automatically among the winners of the next category. It should be reiterated that this pot of 22 million pounds can be changed.

Can I play the UK 49s , even though I live outside the UK?

The answer to this question often is yes, today, thanks to advances in technology, such as the internet all players of the lottery The world can perfectly play any lottery of any country or continent without the need to live in those countries. One of the easiest ways to play the UK Lotto is online, through websites certificates and insurance for the purchase of your ticket of lottery and the prize will be delivered to their respective winners.
Any player of the UK Lotto in case of winning the jackpot, you can claim your prize immediately.

How many categories of awards has the UK 49s?

The lotto uk has 6 categories of awards. Then we will mention in detail each of the categories, the odds of winning and the award to receive:

1. Winning Combination: 6 numbers, odds of winning 1 in 46 million, “Maximum Jackpot”

2. Winning Combination: 5 bonus ball numbers, odds of winning 1 in 7 million, “50 thousand pounds”

3. Winning Combination: 5 numbers, odds of winning 1 in 145, 315, ” 1. 41 thousand pounds”. Winning Combination: 4 numbers, odds of winning 1 in 2, 200, 100 Pounds” award

4. Winning Combination: 3 numbers, odds of winning 1 in 96, 25 pounds by award winner”

5. Category 2: winning numbers, odds of winning 1 in 11, Lucky Dip Lottery Prize “free”

It’s very important to note that the UK 49s offers its loyal players many more options in where they can be the lucky winners of a juicy prize. So, they will always have other options to be overcomers.

If you want to try your luck at the moment you can go to the official web page of UK 49s and make the purchase of the lottery ticket available in the virtual box office, choose your lucky numbers and waiting for the final results of the draw that takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays of each week. Remember that in order to win the jackpot you must hit the 6 winning numbers, in the event of be the lucky winner of more than 9 million pounds of pot this week, you can claim the prize immediately.

You can review the results of the draw through the different television channels, local radio, printed media online or live digital videos uploaded to any digital channel available on the internet, in this way you will be able to be aware of everything that happens in the UK Lotto.

Being the winner of tens of millions of dollars is a possible dream, because you can play all the lotteries of all countries in the world, and that thanks to advances in technology, which has come into our lives to make it a little more bearable and get closer to all the things that we want. Do not forget that once you are the lucky winner of a lottery jackpot of another country, a customer service agent of the site where you bought your ticket will contact you immediately once the winning numbers are gone.

This way you won’t be able to miss a detail of everything that happens with the prize that you have won and in addition will give you all the information you need to know about when to cash the prize.

Gareth Bull Vs Donna Desporte – Don’t Write That Book!

Gareth Bull won £41,000,000 Euromillions jackpot with his wife Catherine in 2012 apperantly may have had an affair with a woman who name Donna Desporte. She tried to write a book about their “steamy” affair and Gareth Bull had a court ruling against Donna Desporte and the ruling has decided that she can not publish the book about their alleged affair.

Gareth Bull and Donna Desporte
Gareth Bull and lover Donna Desporte

Apparently during the affair Gareth spent loads of money on her, money that he won in the lottery. When the affair came to an end it seems that Desporte who was hurt by the break-up decided to get back at him (and make some money) by publishing a so called “soft porn” book about the affair with the lotto winner.

Gareth Bull and his wife won £41,000,000 Euromillions jackpot prize in 2012
Gareth Bull and his wife won £41,000,000 Euromillions jackpot prize in 2012

But the judges who agree with Gareth  said £41,000,000 Euromillions winner, Gareth Bull, had ‘a strong case’ because parts from the book are breaching his privacy rights. So the book will not be published anytime soon and we will all miss out on the greasy details of the lottery winners love affair!

Why Lotto 649 Is The Lottery To Play

Canadians engage in a lot of activities, apart from being skilled in playing ice hockey and making great maple syrup! The Canadian Lotto 649 is an outstanding lottery game of Great White North.

Interesting Factors of Lotto 649
Interesting Factors of Lotto 649

This is Canada’s first national lotto, which is simple to play and is popular for its exceptional jackpot prizes, like the country’s leading prize of an awesome CDN$ 64 million. Being the most popular lottery all through Canada has led to Lotto 649 producing some extremely happy millionaires from its inception.

The price of every ticket is $3 and the winnings are exempt from tax, which is very appealing to many players. This lotto begins at CAD $5 million and can increase greatly. The most noticeable is the hugest jackpot ever, of CAD$ 63 Million.

The draw takes place at 9:30pm (CST local time) each Wednesday and Saturday.

Why you should play Lotto 649

Lotto 649 is the favorite of Canada lottery fans. This leading lotto game in Canada is held two times a week and offers wonderful odds of nearly one in six, at any prize.

The winnings in Canada are tax-free, a guaranteed prize of a million dollars is availed on each draw and a remarkable minimum jackpot sum of CDN$ 5 million makes Canada’s Lotto 649 a real classic which provides brilliant results.

Play Lotto 649 here:


Lotto 649 from Canada is simple, in regard to playing. As per the name, it just means matching 6 of the 49 digits, so as to win that huge jackpot prize. Bonus numbers are drawn as well, to strengthen secondary prizes, raising your odds of even huger winnings!


The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation formed this lottery in 1982. The firm was made up of five different lottery commissions in Canada and Lotto 649 was the first lottery game in Canada to abandon the raffle-kind draws of preselected digit. It also goes on remodeling itself as the years go by. For instance, in 2013 it raised its minimum jackpot sum to CDN$5 million.

The Division One Jackpot Prize for Canadian Lotto 649 qualifies to win only the first-place prize. The Prize Pool shall play 100 sets of lotto numbers that are pre-assigned.

So as to become a winner, the six key winning numbers in a draw need to be matched. You shall participate as a member of Prize Pool in all the draws of your syndicate for Lotto 649.

The Prize Pool group of participants will change depending on response. Winners of Division One Jackpot prize shall be informed instantly and each participant is guaranteed their whole share of the prize cash. This is determined by how many shares they have.

This Prize Pool can be utilized in numerous other IMME offers or its associated firms. Canadian Lotto 649 tickets are sold throughout Canada and can be bought on Wednesday and Saturday nights prior to 10:30 pm (ET).

Playing Canadian Lotto 649 Online

If you do not reside in Canada and want to play Canadian Lotto 649,
you can play online. Register with theLotter, which is an international
lottery agent, for all your lottery requirements.

This site provides players with the chance to play more than 40 of the hugest
state lotteries from throughout the globe. This is done comfortably from
their own houses.

Despite how you opt to buy your tickets or the tickets you select to purchase, you are guaranteed of having a bit of fun! It is enjoyable and easy to play Canada 649 online, from any location in the globe, using credit or debit card.

In case you are unable to personally go to Canada and play this lotto nearby in a traditional manner, you can buy Canada Lotto tickets online quickly and simply. Register an account at theLotte then play Canadian Lotto 649 online.

You simply need to press the PLAY button, register and begin playing. You are able to do this from anywhere in the globe, using tablet, computer or mobile device. You should have Internet access as well.

Lotto 649 Online Number Generator:

Using Concierge Systems to Play Online

As its name suggests, so as to play Canadian 649, you should choose 6 digits from a 1-49 pool. It is not necessary for you to leave your house, when playing online. Concierge systems are present, which are simple to utilize.

They give you access to this lottery from any area in the globe. Register an account with a certified concierge, purchase your ticket and choose your numbers. The concierge is going to buy the ticket on your behalf and scan it direct to your account so you can peruse it.

Any winnings shall be moved to your account from the concierge. You can opt to withdraw this sum or you can continue playing using your winnings.

Learn more:

Tips and Tricks for Winning Lotto 6/49

Utilize a suitable mix of odd and even numbers and also high and low numbers, to form a powerful balance. Majority of the draws end up in a division of odd and even numbers.

Monitor the results of earlier draws, since this might present the solution for the following draw. When you recognize a pattern, you can see the numbers that mainly appear in majority of draws and the ones that have not appeared for some time. Normally, one lottery number shall be a repeat hit from the previous drawing, 43% of the time.

Pool your money and tickets to collect a huge range of numbers with your friends, family or work colleagues. When in a group, you might conquer the odds and win as one team.

How to Pick Your Winnings

Winners of Canadian lottery are able to claim smaller sums via their concierge accounts; however, in case you have won a huge jackpot, you shall require getting in touch with the lottery itself.

Winners of Lotto 6/49

This lottery has produced numerous millionaire winners; however, the hugest sum was won by a group of oil employees in Canada. The 17 individuals divided the CAD $63 million among themselves. They also shared their winnings with their other workmates.

In April 2013, there was a rollover of this lottery for weeks before the huge CAD$ 63.4 million was won. Four extremely lucky players won this sum and shared the amazing prize among themselves.

Spanish Loteria Nacional Lotto Games

Spanish Loteria NacionalLoteria Nacional presents Spanish National Lottery that is operated by Loterias del Estado or Loterias y Apuestas del Estado  – Spanish government and it has been played from 1763. This makes it rank among the most ancient and revered lotteries available.

Spanish National Lottery makes sure that 70 percent of its money produced via the sale of lottery tickets is returned to the individuals who spent money for them as prizes. This percentage is the hugest for any game for lottery in the globe.

This meets one Spanish Lottery’s key objectives; this entails sharing the riches among a maximum number of individuals. It also signifies the prizes to every ticket are extremely huge, with about 35 from each set of 100 tickets carrying a kind of lottery prize.

Loteria Primitiva’s philosophy is founded on splitting the optimal quantity of prizes among players in order for every player to have many chances to get back their expenditure and also choose a large lottery prize.

The Loteria Nacional or Spanish National Lottery’s, portfolio offers numerous games such as Bonoloto Daily 6/49, Saturday Primitiva 6/49, Sunday (Gordo De La Primitiva), Thursday Primitiva 6/49, Saturday Primitiva 6/49 as well as Special Draws of National Lottery of El Nino, El Gordo, and San Ildefonso, together with the key weekly lottery.

Spanish National Lottery

Overview of the Spanish National Lottery

Spanish National Lottery offers among the largest lottery mechanisms in the globe and provides lotteries with numerous really amazing prize pools for winning.

In Spain, the Spanish Lotto offers the most significant and famous game. Normally, 1 from every three tickets has a type of prize. The lottery is greatly attractive to players all over the globe and individuals from more than 140 states in the world participate in this lottery.

The initial Loteria Nacional or National Lottery draw occurred for the first time in 1812. The draws for the key Spanish National Lottery occur two times each week on Thursdays and at Saturdays at 22.00 CET and 13.30 CET respectively.

Thursday draws offer a prize pool of about €12 million and the Saturday prize draws offer an approximate €42 million prize pool which makes this among the hugest weekly global lotteries.

How it operates

The draws for Spanish Lotto (Loteria Nacional website are created in a manner that slightly differs from the majority of conventional lotteries. First, a ball that is numbered with a ticket number is drawn from a single drum and then a different ball with a prize worth is drawn from a different drum.

The ball that is drawn from the initial drum has a ticket number that is matched with the prize on the ball that is drawn from the second drum. Ticket holders of this number win that prize.

Similar to how it is drawn, you play the Loteria Nacional Draws in a manner that is a bit different compared to other lotteries also. It is not possible for you to select your individual Spanish Lottery digits; however, instead you buy a ticket that has a pre-printed digit on it already.

A series of tickets are present also, with similar digits on them. For every weekly draw of Spanish National lottery, digits are available from 00.00 to 99.000.

Decimos and Series

The system for Loteria Nacional operates as follows: every ticket digit is preset; either 6 or 10 times; this signifies that 6 or 10 sets of tickets having similar digit shall be printed. They are known as ‘series.’

For Thursday draws, 6 ‘series’ are printed and 10 ‘series’ for Saturday draws.  Every one of these ‘series’ is in actual face one ‘entire’ ticket that is known as a ‘billette.’

Normally, this is one ‘entire’ ticket that is known as a ‘billette.’ Usually, this is too costly for majority of individuals; therefore, every ‘serie’ is split into 10 tinier tickets known as ‘decimos,’ (ie.10ths) at a price is which more affordable.

For draws held on Thursdays, the cost of a ‘decimo’ ranges between €3 – €6 and an entire ‘serie’ costs between €18 – €36. 6 ‘decimos’ are available per ‘serie.’

Therefore, you can buy either an entire ticket (‘billette’) or many ‘decimos’ or 10ths of one ticket as you want. A lot of families throughout Spain pool their cash and divide the price of an entire ‘billette’ as one of the many lottery plans they have to optimize their prospects.

Even a number of whole Spanish villages do this; indeed, jackpots have been won in this manner, generating riches for an entire village at a go!

Who is Eligible for Playing?

Usually, for playing in this huge Spanish Lottery, Loteria Nacional, you needed to be a Spanish resident; however, you are now able to go online and obtain lottery tickets from worldwide lottery ticket sales traders like TheLotter and you can enjoy, despite which part of the world you reside.

This is brilliant news if you reside outside of Spain but have a desire to play in some of the hugest lotteries in the globe and ensure your entry into the following draw or simply want to enjoy the convenience of managing to purchase lottery tickets online for the Spanish lottery.

After you have joined the Spanish Lotto, you are able to easily check the results of the Spanish Lottery to see your performance and find out whether you are among the lucky winners.  You should be 18 years old to qualify to buy a ticket for any Spanish Lottery games (Loteria Nacional).

Odds for Spanish Lottery

Since the draw of Spanish Lottery is carried out in a different manner compared to a lot of other global lotteries, summing up of the related odds is different also.

Where overall odds are concerned, the general regulation here means that 1 from every 4 tickets bought shall become the winner of a cash prize.

Monthly Superdraws (Special Draws)

The portfolio of games for the Loteria Nacional or Spanish National Lottery) are SuperDraws. This includes the drawings that occur each week.

Spanish Loteria Nacional Superdraws occur one time every month, which offer a lot larger prize funds once more. 12 of these particular draws are present each year with a special highlight on particularly 3 that provide some of the biggest global prize pools.

Is There a Lottosend Scam? Play Online Lottery With Lottosend Legit Online Lotto Service Provider

About Lottosend


After registering with Lottosend, you shall manage to join lotteries from Canada, Europe, South America, United States and Australia in just a few minutes.

Apart from saving precious time for you as well as transport expenses when you personally visit a lottery retailer, this useful international service purchases the draw entries for you, uploads copies that are scanned into your online account, informs you about the newest results and automatically credits any winnings to you.

EU-Logistik-Transport Limited runs Lottosend and shields your financial and personal data through GeoTrust’s 256-bit SSL certificate. Also, the site supports five varied languages; these are English, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and French.

Promotions and Bonuses

Lottosend charges no membership fee and it is remarkably easy to sign up. You need to include your first and last name in the registration form as well as a password and email address. However, it is also possible for you to sign up fast by selecting the option of ‘Register with Facebook.’

Presently, when you buy a single lottery ticket at Lottosend, the second one is provided to you for free, doubling your winning odds. At the website’s bottom, you shall come across links to Lottosend Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In case you follow them, you shall manage to keep updated with all the newest international lottery news and any promotions that are site-exclusive.

Games and Software

With Lottosend software, purchasing lottery tickets is easy and fast. After clicking on ‘Play Online’ tab, you shall view a list of each of the lotteries available (presently, 12 of them are accessible).

The US draws are inclusive of Powerball, SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions.

Draws from UK lotto and Europe include La Primitiva, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, El Gordo, La Primitiva and SuperEnalotto. It is possible for you to also play Australian Powerball.

The list indicates to you the top-rated lotteries of the day. These are marked from ten, depending on the analysis tool of the software, which takes numerous elements into consideration to establish which draws provide the most ideal winning odds.

Every lottery that you click on offers you the option of purchasing a particular number of lines. Normally you see discounts provided for multiple line purchases.

You can either utilize the Easy-Pick button or select your individual numbers to choose them randomly. After you have included numerous lottery tickets to your cart as you wish, you just need to finalize the checkout procedure, by making use of the payment method you prefer.

Customer Support

At Lottosend, the customer service team can be contacted through phone, online contact form or live help. In addition, the Support page for the website consists of how-to guides and a section for Frequently Asked Questions.

Social channels are Twitter and Facebook.

Is Lottosend a Scam?

No! Lottosend is totally legit. If you check with MrOnlineLotto the #1 online lottery reviews website you will see that they give a very high score to Lottosend. offers simple and safe access to a huge variety of the globe’s most famous US, European, Australian, Canadian and South America lotteries. No subscription fees are present and the costs of tickets are extremely competitive.

Also, the timely online support, which is offered by the live chat team turns Lottosend into among the most dependable and convenient methods of playing online for jackpot prizes.

Generally, Lottosend is a very effective platform for individuals who wish to purchase online Powerball tickets which includes a lot of other national lottery products, rather than wasting time trying to get an answer for a query such as ‘Is it possible for you to purchase lottery tickets online?”

Even though syndicates are not permitted, a lot of other benefits are available, such as many methods of depositing as well as numerous lotteries.

The Feeling When You Win Forty Million with Oz Lotto

There are tons of stories floating on the internet with people who didn’t collect their lottery millions and even more articles with truly inspiriting stories of Oz Lotto winners.

Oz Lotto Winner

This Is a Mix of Both

A week ago, Oz Lotto reported that there are two unregistered winners of their forty million dollars’ jackpot which is close to Oz Lotto records in terms of price pool. After almost a full day search a young woman, a mother came out with one of the winning tickets.

She was stunned and still didn’t believe she is a millionaire as one of the local papers took an interview with her in the next morning, minutes after she cashed in the check with winning Oz Lotto numbers. It is hard to grasp the unbelievable consequences such amount of money would bring to her and her family.

She was still unable to believe and felt like the whole thing is surreal. It would take a few days for the news to sink in her mind. She and her family were experiencing tough moments on a personal level and were strongly contemplating on changing their lifestyle which would be more appropriate to their children. Her husband was wondering if he should quit his job to spend more time with the kids, but it would have been quite hard to deal with the financial side of their lives if they decided to do so.

Have you checked your lottery tickets? A mystery winner is yet to come forward to claim a massive $30million prize (pictured is a stock image of store selling lottery tickets)
Have you checked your lottery tickets? A mystery winner is yet to come forward to claim a massive $30million prize (pictured is a stock image of store selling lottery tickets)

Oz Lotto has allowed them to ignore all of that and live the life they imagined. They are already looking for a new family house, which previously seemed unimaginable and quite out of reach.

Unlike many Oz Lotto winners, however, this young woman is thinking about the long term. She is aware that such a big sum could easily go as it came, so she is sure to make smart investments and ensure the life of her children in the future as well. Obviously, a nice holiday for the whole family would surely be the way to celebrate the big win first.

The Other Side of the Coin

You might have already forgotten, but there was another winning ticket remaining to be claimed. Unfortunately, for its owner, he still hasn’t done so, which however is quite good news for the family of three as it means that they will receive the whole forty million instead of dividing it between two people. The claimed Oz Lotto winning ticket was purchased in the same place where other Oz Lotto winners gained millions in the past 10 years. The managers of the shop even prepared celebration decorations for the woman, which wishes to remain anonymous. The winning Oz Lotto numbers at that draw were 1, 35, 31, 19, 4, 13 and 26 We are happy to report such fortunate events, which completely change the lives of people, who seem to truly deserve it.

5 Reasons Why Buying Lottery Tickets Online is Better

At one time, the playing of lotteries was a very tedious and laborious task which many were unwilling to undertake. Most lottery players could play just their national lotteries because it was impossible to purchase tickets for a vast majority of the major lotteries in the world. Then came the era of online lottery service providers. Such lottery providers as, and among others came in to make the playing of lotteries as convenient and fun-filled as possible. Here are 5 reasons why purchasing your lottery tickets online is better.

  • A Vast Array of Choices

One of the most important benefits of purchasing your online lottery ticket online is the limitless amount of choices available to you. Most of the biggest and most exciting lotteries in the world today are based in the US, Europe, Australia, Spain and Canada among others. This means that without the presence of online lottery platforms, a person will actually have to travel to a country just to buy a lottery ticket. Not only is that virtually impossible and irrational but it is also very costly and time-consuming.

However, with the coming of these online lottery platforms through which players can purchase their lottery tickets, players can play both local and international games with much enhanced odds and a variety of ways to play them – all these from the comfort of their homes and countries.

  • Convenience

Gone are the days when the purchasing of tickets was a very stressful and laborious process involving going to the lottery booth and standing on long queues before you can purchase a ticket. This is especially worse for popular lotteries with mammoth jackpot amounts. Imagine if all the players who participated in the August, 23rd, 2017 US Powerball draw which saw the birth of the largest single jackpot of $758.7 million, had to stand on queues to purchase their tickets. It would have been mayhem. But the presence of online ticket service providers made the process as easy, convenient and stress-free as possible for many who simply had to sit in their homes and purchase their tickets.

  • Different ways to play

Another benefit of purchasing tickets online is that online platforms offer a variety of play options which are easy to manage via these online platforms. An example of such an option is the group play. Yes, it is possible for you and your friends to form a group and play the lottery but in the end, problems may arise due to the administrative difficulties.

Online platforms offer players a chance to purchase a group play ticket, knowing that no matter the number of group members, the administration of this group is in the hands of the lottery service provider who is experienced at dealing with such options and good at numbers. Also, purchasing tickets online offer you other chances such as choosing between single and systematic entries, multi-draws and odd-enhancing syndicates which all seek to ease the player’s lottery experience.

  • Security

Every year in the US, over $2 Billion of lottery winning goes unacclaimed. $2 Billion! That is a lot of money, money which could have changed the lives of the winners but because of reasons such as loss of ticket and no knowledge of winnings, these players lost their winnings. Imagine losing a ticket just for that ticket to end up being a winning one or not knowing that your ticket is a winning one. Purchasing tickets online eliminate all these risks making sure you reap the fruits of your labor. Online ticket service providers keep tickets in a secure vault preventing loss of tickets. Also, via your online lottery account, you are able to know in real time whether your ticket won.

  • Different payment methods

Traditionally, lottery tickets could be purchased using cash only such as the Euro, Dollar and Pounds. Today, most online lottery ticket service providers accept a wide array of payment mediums such as credit/debit cards, electronic wallets, Skrill, Neteller and bank transfers and many others. This gives players a means to purchase tickets of their favorite lotteries regardless of the country they reside in or the payment platform they wish to use.

Purchasing lottery tickets has never been easier than it is now. With online ticket service providers such as, and, lottery players can play their favorite lotteries conveniently and stress-free regardless of where they are on the globe.

The Biggest Euromillions Jackpot Ever Won and About the Euromillions Lottery

EuroMillions is a transnational lottery, launched on 7 February 2004 by France’s Française des Jeux, Spain’s Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and United Kingdom’s Camelot. The very first draw was done on Friday 13 February 2004 in Paris. At first, just the United Kingdom, France as well as Spain took part, with the Austrian, Belgian, Irish, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and also Swiss lotteries joining for the 8 October 2004 drawing.

Euro Millions: This is a lottery method, which includes 9 countries in Europe. Winners chosen each Tuesday and Friday evening in the French capital Paris. An entry will cost you just 2,00 Euro as well as 3,00 euro for the “plus” feature in Ireland. You can buy a ticket in Spain, the UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and even Switzerland. Euro Millions was introduced in 2004 by 3 different agencies in France, Spain and the UK – Francaise DES Jueux, Loterias Y Apuestas of Estado and also Camelot.

There is absolutely no tax on all of the prizes such as the jackpot in every of the countries, except for Switzerland. A lot of people prefer to play in this particular lottery, simply because almost all the prizes are paid out instantly.

How you can play

You need to pick the 5 primary numbers from 1 to 50. You need to additionally select 2 Lucky Star numbers from one to nine. There are some side-bet options of rooms and options, however these 2 are mandatory. There are 2 machines with numbered balls used to pick the winner. One of the cars, at fifty balls for the primary list, although the other carries 9 balls for the Lucky Star list. The concluding victory million numbers, and then appealed to the cars at random. Euro Million Results are announced across Europe as they are available on the web, as well.

What are the conditions? A ticket owner has to be at least 18 years old, however in a few countries such as the United Kingdom, perhaps 16-year-old can purchase a ticket. The ticket buyer has to be a permanent citizen of the country, he/she purchases a ticket in. Tickets can be found in outlets and even online.

Exception of Ireland: It is just in Ireland that you could enjoy the Plus version. By only paying an extra 1 euro per ticket, you could go for more development, hence providing the great prize of 500,000 euros per week.

Les and Sam Scadding £45,570,835 – The  couple from Caerlon, South Wales, owned one of the two winning tickets of £90 million jackpot in November 2009.

Cassey Carrington £45,160,170 – From Nottingham won the jackpot when she matched all five winning numbers and the two Lucky Stars on February 2012.

Gareth and Catherine Bull  £40,627,241 – Thel couple from Mansfield won the big prize in January 2012.

Playing Around the World

Taking part in EuroMillions using this method signifies that individuals may take part from anywhere across the world, even just in countries that do not take advantage of EuroMillions Lotteries. And also lottery officials additionally recognize the face that majority of of the big jackpot winners are syndicates.

The UK appears to be blessed in the EuroMillions lottery game lately simply because it is generating lottery jackpot winners. Whenever we speak about jackpot prizes in the EuroMillions, we are now talking about multimillion Euro or perhaps British Pound jackpots. This lottery game is not just popular in the UK. It is additionally extensively played in participating European countries.

A lot of jackpots in the EuroMillions have received by British participants. Here are the leading, greatest lottery winners:

Colin and Chris Weir (£161 ,653 ,000) – The Weir couple is from Largs in Ayrshire. They claimed they were tickled pink after they discovered they won Europe’s greatest lottery jackpot prize in July 2011.

Unidentified (£113 ,019 ,926) – A British participant won this lottery jackpot, however, decided never to go public regarding his or her personality.The massive prize was received in October 2010.

Dave and Angela Dawes (£101 ,203 ,600) – The Dawes couple from Cambridgeshire notified that it absolutely just their 3rd time to play the EuroMillions when they received the life-changing amount of money in October 2011.

As you may know ,in case no one wins the jackpot in the specific week, the sum just to Rolls jackpot in the coming weeks. However, if nobody can claim the jackpot for eleven sequential weeks, the prize is separated among all winners at the following level.